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Dealing With Shin Splint: Advice For Badminton Players

Badminton is a popular sport across Australia, but like any other form of physical activity, injuries can occur. Common injuries in badminton include sprained ankles and tennis elbow, but players can also experience shin splints. Find out what causes this problem, and learn more about the steps you may need to take to deal with […]

Four Ways to Stop Heel Pain From Kettlebell Training

Whether you’re new to kettlebell training or an experienced weightlifter, injuries can come out of nowhere. The dynamic movements and transfer of power from the lower to upper region of the body can cause serious harm to your feet, ankles and legs if you don’t train properly. If you are experiencing heel pain after kettlebell […]

Three Simple Treatment Options for Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are relatively common injuries, and the damage can be minor or major. Generally, the sprain occurs when the ligaments that support the bones and ankle joints are stretched or torn. The ligaments are elastic body structures that protect the ankle from abnormal and excessive movements, including twisting and rolling. If the ligaments are […]

What you should know about heel pain

If you have noticed that your heels are hurting while standing or walking for long periods of time, you may have one of many medical conditions that contribute to this type of pain. While plantar fasciitis is often the cause of heel pain, there can also be other causes. Here is more information about heel […]

Why have you got yet another ingrown toenail?

If you find that you are having recurring problems with ingrown toenails, it might be time to take a step back and review what you can do differently to lower your risk of ingrown nails. Trim your nails regularly One of the best ways to prevent ingrown nails is to trim your toenails regularly. Trim […]

How to Stop Cracked Heels Becoming a Health Risk

It’s no secret that cracked heels are unsightly. They might make you feel insecure about the way your feet look in sandals, at the swimming pool, or even in bed with your partner. But cracked heels don’t only feel dry and look terrible, they are also potential health hazards. When left untreated, the cracks in […]