Why A Podiatrist Is More Important As You Get Older

If you experience consistent foot pain that you don't know the cause of, visiting a podiatrist could be beneficial. Click for more.

Why A Podiatrist Is More Important As You Get Older

Why A Podiatrist Is More Important As You Get Older

1 December 2021
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Feet are usually not a major source of concern when it comes to health but that can change as you get older. Unless you have a relatively rare problem with your feet that requires expert help from a podiatrist, you most likely won't see one until you start getting into your 50's and 60's. However, from then on they will remain one of the most important health care professionals in your life and for many will help increase the quality of life past what it would normally be expected to be.


Toenails are a consistent source of pain for older people. The simple truth is that they become more brittle, tougher and less manageable on your own. Combine that with the fact that your skin gets softer and weaker, and your dexterity and grip strength becomes lowered, and you can see how clipping your toenails regularly can pose a challenge. Podiatrists can offer help with this ongoing health issue and make sure you don't get any ingrown toenails or bad hangnails from poor trimming. If you find yourself struggling to clip your nails, don't simply stop doing it, call an expert.

Foot Pain

Your feet bear the entire weight of your body when you walk, so it is no surprise that they can get injured through no fault of your own and just by excessive wear and tear. If you do have foot pain, see a podiatrist immediately. While the pain might subside on your own, you cannot take that chance anymore and if it gets worse it could be debilitating. Most of the time your podiatrist will be able to help you out through targeted massage, advice on exercise and stretching equipment (such as a tennis ball to roll out your plantar fascia)  and general tips on how to reduce movement until you are better.


Unfortunately, the foot can be a hive for bacteria due to the enclosed nature of your shoes and the presence of sweat. That does not mean you have to put up with athletes foot or fungal nail infections. Treating them on your own can be tough because you don't know the exact medication or creams you should be using, which is why older people should consider working with a podiatrist. They will put you on a track that will help make your feet feel as soft and comfortable as they used to and eradicate the infections before they spread. 

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