Seeing A Podiatrist Regularly May Help Prevent Work-related Foot Stress

If you experience consistent foot pain that you don't know the cause of, visiting a podiatrist could be beneficial. Click for more.

Seeing A Podiatrist Regularly May Help Prevent Work-related Foot Stress

Seeing A Podiatrist Regularly May Help Prevent Work-related Foot Stress

18 May 2015
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A podiatrist is a physician who specializes in the foot & ankle areas. They deal with numerous problems associated with illness, accidental injury or foot stress. In the working environment, long working hours have been known to cause foot stress. A podiatrist can offer an array of medical treatments to ensure you lead a healthier life. Seeing a podiatrist about your foot problems, no matter how small, can help prevent larger foot stress and improve your productivity at the workplace.

What a podiatrist does

A podiatrist offers various forms of treatments to a multitude of feet problems. They can diagnose and treat problems such as broken bones, ligament damage, fractures, dislocations, scarring, bunion problems and other musculoskeletal problems of the feet and ankles. 

Why you should see a podiatrist

Due to long working hours, your feet are prone to exhaustion and stress. Such work-related discomfort can antagonize your ability to work effectively, or at all. The risk of work-related foot stress is even higher for people who spend a lot of time on their feet. This includes teachers, nurses, waiters, retail assistants, surveyors, sporting & fitness instructors, and more. People who primarily work while seated can also be affected by foot stress. This is because their feet muscles and bones may not be well-exercised. Therefore, when they do engage in activities such as long walking or running, their feet may exhibit signs of being under stress.

How to tell you need the help of a podiatrist

Foot stress can manifest itself in many ways. The most common is pain and discomfort. This is always a clear indicator that your feet need a medical examination. Other forms of foot stress include joint pain, inflammation or even sores. As a general principle, you should see a podiatrist whenever you feel any discomfort in your feet or ankle areas.

How a podiatrist can help

A podiatrist can help address your foot stress in many ways. If there is no damage to the bone structure, they can ease pain and discomfort through foot massage therapy, shockwave therapy, pressure application, medication and foot protection wraps. If you have internal damage, they can use special equipment like x-rays to detect fractures and broken bones. A podiatrist can also institute preventive care to avoid foot stress in future. They can do so by recommending special shoes or custom insoles to help correct foot gait.

To ensure your feet are not taking the brunt of your job, see a podiatrist annually. Healthier feet will provide you with the mobility you need to move around – especially when your job demands it. A podiatrist will also help you avoid suffering foot stress permanently or in the long term. For more information, contact a professional, such as those found at Walk Without Pain.

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