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How A Podiatrist Can Help You Recover From Tendonitis

23 January 2023
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Tendonitis is a relatively common foot problem that is characterised by damage to the tendons that connect the muscles and bones in your feet. When tendons are damaged they become inflamed, and this causes pain and restricts how your foot is able to move. Inflammation makes it difficult for enough oxygen to reach the damaged section of your foot, and this can make healing difficult without treatment. Tendonitis can occur as a result of too much pressure being put on your feet, so those who play high-impact sports and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to the condition.
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Could Radial Pressure Wave Therapy Help with Your Foot Problems?

22 June 2022
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Severe foot pain can be very debilitating. After all, it can make even the simplest of tasks difficult to perform and lead to discomfort from when you get up in the morning to when you go to bed. If you are suffering, you will be looking for solutions and, ideally, something that is non-invasive. The good news is that shockwave therapy may be the answer, but what is involved if you've never heard of this?
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Why A Podiatrist Is More Important As You Get Older

1 December 2021
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Feet are usually not a major source of concern when it comes to health but that can change as you get older. Unless you have a relatively rare problem with your feet that requires expert help from a podiatrist, you most likely won't see one until you start getting into your 50's and 60's. However, from then on they will remain one of the most important health care professionals in your life and for many will help increase the quality of life past what it would normally be expected to be.
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Why You Should Look for an NDIS Podiatry Provider

28 April 2021
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If you are disabled and if you have foot-related issues—such as if the reason why you are disabled is because of some major issue with your feet—then you should definitely take the time to look for an NDIS podiatry provider. If you are curious about why you should make it a priority to find one of these providers, consider the reasons below. There Are NDIS Approved Options Out There If you didn't realize that there are podiatry providers out there who accept NDIS as the payment option, then you should know that there are actually quite a few of these providers out there.
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Looking Past the Hype to Buy Your Perfect Sports Shoe

10 June 2019
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If somebody were to ask you to name a sports shoe manufacturer, you could probably rattle off the names of two or even three of these companies without a pause. There's every reason why these companies are household names, as this industry is one of the larger ones in the world. It's not surprising, therefore, that these companies spend so much on marketing in order to tell you about the latest and most amazing kind of footwear, but why do you need to look past all that branding imagery in order to get the perfect solution for you?
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