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Ingrowing Pains: Recovering From Ingrowing Toenail Surgery

7 December 2015
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If your ingrown toe nail is serious enough to require surgical intervention, you're probably no stranger to pain in your toe. However, recovering from surgery to correct the offending toenail can be just as painful if you push your injured foot too soon and too hard, so it's important to keep a few things in mind while you recover to avoid damaging your delicate toe or even causing the ingrowing toenail to relapse.
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4 Types of People Who Should Show Caution When Using Over-the-counter Cures for Foot Ailments

3 December 2015
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While over-the-counter medications can be extremely useful for dealing with minor foot ailments such as corns, bunions and warts, they are not suitable for all situation. Here are some types of people who should use caution when opting for an over the counter solution. Diabetics Diabetics are vulnerable to poor circulation in their extremities (hands and feet). This means that small issues such as warts and corns can easily become infected.
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Seeing A Podiatrist Regularly May Help Prevent Work-related Foot Stress

18 May 2015
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A podiatrist is a physician who specializes in the foot & ankle areas. They deal with numerous problems associated with illness, accidental injury or foot stress. In the working environment, long working hours have been known to cause foot stress. A podiatrist can offer an array of medical treatments to ensure you lead a healthier life. Seeing a podiatrist about your foot problems, no matter how small, can help prevent larger foot stress and improve your productivity at the workplace.
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