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Emblematic Causes of Chronic Heel Pain

8 May 2018
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One of the characteristics of ageing is developing a host of aches and pains due to the progressive wear and tear of your body. While some of these discomforts may have a clear, some may seem to manifest on their own accord. One of the aches that most people suffer from and are unaware of why they have developed this problem is heel pain. The main reason why the average person typically overlooks heel pain is that their foot does absorb a high degree of stress from the forces it is exposed to from the moment they get up in the morning.
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5 Rules Hikers Need to Follow to Prevent Twisting Their Ankles in the Backcountry

8 August 2016
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Hikers who like to head into the backcountry are at increased risk of twisting an ankle since they often need to traverse rough, uneven terrain. Twisting an ankle can damage the bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles within your foot. This might simply result in an uncomfortable hike back to your car, but it can also do serious damage. If you find yourself barely able to walk in the backcountry, you're in a bad spot, and the pressure you'll need to place on your foot to get anywhere could increase the amount of damage sustained, so make sure you follow these five rules to help prevent turning your ankle.
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Dealing With Shin Splint: Advice For Badminton Players

8 July 2016
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Badminton is a popular sport across Australia, but like any other form of physical activity, injuries can occur. Common injuries in badminton include sprained ankles and tennis elbow, but players can also experience shin splints. Find out what causes this problem, and learn more about the steps you may need to take to deal with the issue. What are shin splints? The term 'shin splints' is often one that people apply to any pain that occurs beneath the knee and the ankle, but there are several variations of the condition.
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How to Protect Your Child Soccer Star From a Nasty Ingrown Toenail

13 April 2016
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Compared to some of the more "serious" soccer injuries, like broken bones and torn ligaments, an ingrown toenail may seem like the least of your child's worries. In reality, an ingrown toenail can be incredibly painful, keeping your little soccer star off the pitch until it's treated. An ingrown toenail can also become dangerously infected if left untreated. Luckily, it's not too difficult to prevent this problem -- here are three tips that will keep your kid's toes happy and healthy.
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Four Ways to Stop Heel Pain From Kettlebell Training

2 March 2016
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Whether you're new to kettlebell training or an experienced weightlifter, injuries can come out of nowhere. The dynamic movements and transfer of power from the lower to upper region of the body can cause serious harm to your feet, ankles and legs if you don't train properly. If you are experiencing heel pain after kettlebell workouts, these tips will help. Don't Wear Thick-Soled Running Shoes Cushioned shoes may benefit you when you're constantly pounding your heel against concrete, but they aren't ideal for lifting as they will hinder your natural movement.
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